Secure Wipe portable 1.0

Secure Wipe portable 1.0


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Date Added:18 May, 2013

Author: Francesco Bucci

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* Secure Wipe is small utility that runs in the background which allows you to completely remove sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it several times with carefully selected patterns.
* Most people have some data that they would rather not share with others OCo passwords, personal information.
* Perhaps you have saved some of this information on your computer where it is conveniently at your reach, but when the time
* Your first thought may be that when you OCsdeleteOCO the file, the data is gone. Not quite, when you delete a file, the operating system does not really remove the file from the disk; it only removes the reference of the file from the file system table. The file remains on the disk until another file is created over it.comes to remove the data from your hard disk, things get a bit more complicated and maintaining your privacy is not as simple.
* Before the file is overwritten, anyone can easily retrieve it with a disk maintenance or an undelete utility.
* Secure Wipe is currently supported under Windows XP/Vista/7/Server2003-2008.

Systems: Windows 7, WinXP, Windows Vista

Tags: wipe   secure   remove   data   disk   delete  

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